Welcome to Angelshare

Angelshare was created for people who may have difficulty using social networking applications and as a result are excluded from a very popular part of our culture. With Angelshare, special people can easily connect with the important people in their world, via their family and friends' existing social media accounts.

Angelshare connects to your Flickr account. You then can choose up to 12 friends and family to connect with inside of the Angelshare application. Your chosen friends/family will appear in a circle around you, forming your Circle of Friends.

Tap yourself or one of your friends/family members to view a collection of Flickr photos and videos. When you tap a photo or video, it is presented along with its caption. The caption is automatically read to you by Angelshare.

Angelshare does not modify your Flickr account in any way, nor does it post to your Flickr account. It only shows your content feed. An Angelshare account is required to save your configuration settings. You can create an account easily by logging in with your Facebook account. Angelshare does not collect any personal information and there are no in-app purchases.

Angelshare was inspired to help those in the Angelman Syndrome community and is dedicated to my grandson, Cole Kubicza.

Please send feedback to: Peter Sparago

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